Should I move the blog to

if-at-first-you-dont-succeed-failure-may-be-your-style-3I’ve been irregularly blogging for several years now, mostly about software, particularly programming in the Python programming language.   There are 101 articles in my blog at, which is a site operated by Google, but I’ve found my confidence in their administration is slipping lately:

  1. provides statistics on pageviews of my articles.  But I’ve noticed inconsistencies in the data.   e.g. lately they have been reporting around 50 pageviews/day from Russia (which is a bunch, since I normally only see perhaps 3 dozen pageviews in any given day unless I’ve recently put up an article that for whatever reason is super popular).   But the statistics don’t seem to have those Russian pageviews allocated to the per-article statistics.My best guess is that the mysterious Russian page views (which are said to be coming from Internet Explorer running on Windows) are some kind of indexing or page-scraping visit that somehow isn’t counted as having viewed a particular article.I also have a feedjit widgit on my page’s sidebar boilerplate.   But lately that has stopped working.   I’m not sure if that’s from a recent update to my Chrome browser or to something that happened on the server or something that feedjit broke themselves.  So if I have to pick a new basis for statistics gathering, I might as well shop around for a new blog site server.
  2. seems to often lose the comments attached to the article.  I don’t know why that’s happening, but it is darn annoying.  Getting comments back about something I wrote is valuable to me, so I hate it when the comments vanish.

Will serve me better?   I won’t really know until I at least try it out.   So here’s a try.  How’s the format of this article look to you?   Any problems encountered when you leave me a comment?


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