This article was originally posted by me on March 8, 2010 on and I’m re-posting it here on as part of my trying out wordpress in place of Now on the one hand, it is a fairly minimalist blog post, barely more than a link to someone else’s online slide presentation. But on the other hand, it’s still a pretty good slide presentation, and it bothers me that this article has only been tallied as having 20 page views by people other than me (from 03/08/2010 thru 05/27/2016) and no one, it seems, has bothered to add a comment to it in all those years on

In my opinion, Innovation is vitally important to our country and to the world. It is sad that a growing chunk of our economy and government seems to be focused on blocking new things. Ever extending copyrights, for instance to keep stuff from getting into the public domain, is beneficial to a few corporate interests, but the whole purpose of copyright law is to encourage creation of new works. But that’s drifting away from the original article’s point. So without further adieu…


Image used without permission, but with grateful acknowledgement of my source:

Increasing Innovative Work Behavior

Pretty much random travels on the web this morning brought me to an interesting little presentation on Increasing Innovative Work Behavior by  Gisela Jönsson.    The slide show is on her blog,, and though the slide show is in English, her blog is mostly in Swedish, which I can’t read.  So, for all I know, she may have lots of other wonderful things to say, but they whizzed right by my English-only head.

As summarized on her opening slide:

Fear does not make fertile soil for ideas.  To succeed at innovation, you must learn to embrace failure.

The posting I’m recommending is dated 3/7/2010.  Based on this sample of 1, I’m impressed with the results she got from using the presentation tool, which I confess I hadn’t heard of before.  I’d have been happier if I could have figured a way to snag a copy of her slide show instead of having to depend on the lifespan of the URL I referenced for you to be able to see Gisela’s slide show.  Anyhow, enjoy.

A link to another place for her slide show outside her blog:

In closing

So, in closing, I ask “What innovative things have you tried lately?”.  Was it scary to try?  Too scary to try?

Please comment on this blog post to keep the discussion interesting.  If you enjoyed reading this brief blog post, please invite others to read it and comment here too.




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