Computerworld has published a wonderful opinion piece by Sandra Henry-Stocker, a person who, like me, spent decades doing system administration.  A career in Unix: The best and the worst.   My brief blog article here is just to call her article to your attention.   I think it is well worth reading, especially if you are early in a career in the computer field.

(Credit where credit is due, the image I’ve shared here is borrowed [without explicit permission, but under a Creative Commons license] from the article to which I’m pointing.  That article gives credit for the photo to flickr/Courtney Carmod.  My interpretation of the picture is that it shows someone trying to grab hold of a fountain of water – not likely that they will succeed in grabbing much of the water, but on a hot summer day, a great deal of fun can be had in the trying.  See how nicely that ties to the material in Sandra’s opinion-piece?).



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